Want More Website Traffic?

To build a business, you must learn how to generate one important thing... website traffic.

As an online business owner, this is among the most important lessons to be learned.

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Getting More Website Traffic

How to attract more website traffic using techniques, resources and strategies that are relevant and effective in 2020 and beyond.

On this site, you'll discover several ideas for getting more website traffic.

You'll find out:

1. How To Drive More Website Traffic Using Twitter
2. How To Squeeze More Website Traffic From Online Images
3. How To Leverage Instagram for More Website Traffic
4. How To Leverage Snapchat For More Website Traffic And Sales
5. How To Leverage Pinterest for More Website Traffic
6. How To Tap Into Quora for More Website Traffic
7. How To Mine Reddit for More Website Traffic

But first, let's begin with a social network that once helped bring in a flood of three thousand visitors in a week to this website. It's called StumbleUpon.

First realize this - in a people-powered social network like StumbleUpon, it is harder (and really not worthwhile) to try and 'game' the system. Sooner or later, you'll get caught out - more likely sooner.

If you think you'll slap up a SU profile and spam the bejeesus out of your network by posting every one of your websites and blog posts ad nauseum, think again. You'll soon have a grand following of ONE - yourself!

Instead, approach it from the angle of how YOU would like to be treated by someone in your network. What would make you follow everything that person does? Why would you hang on to their every word? When will you begin to TRUST them?

The answer is obvious. When they start adding value to your life - and for as long as they keep doing it - right?

So the real secret to becoming a 'power' stumbler is to establish that position of trust and influence - with your network. And the way to do it is add value to their life.

And if your own website, blog, business, service, product, membership or anything else you do online is likely to bring light into the lives of your audience - why, it is your DUTY to let them know about it!

That's how you drive traffic - huge floods of it - from StumbleUpon to your website. By providing something of great value on your site, and telling your online community about it in the same way you always tell them about helpful, useful, valuable sites you came across.

Do NOT use hype.

Do NOT hard sell.

Do NOT be pushy.

StumbleUpon audiences are discerning and know what they like and enjoy. Just point them in the right direction, and sit back to watch. If they do not like it, see if you can make your resources better or more appealing, instead of trying hard to herd them back- that won't work.

Here's a critical mistake you must avoid. Do NOT send visitors to the homepage of your blog or site. Instead, link deep to the specific content that will interest them. That way, you can target many different, narrowly defined niches within StumbleUpon - based on selected keywords or specific interests - and deliver perfectly tailored content to each group.

It also helps your blogging, because you do not have to create all your content or create information products in the hope of getting StumbleUpon visitors. Write for your regular audience, but sprinkle in a few posts directed at StumbleUpon readers - linkbait for SU fish!


What Content Do StumbleUpon Readers Like?

Tough question. Hard to answer. Test it for yourself.

Some generalities:

- people like lists e.g. 101 top Wordpress themes, 69 ways to get more website traffic, 17 POWER Tips to StumbleUpon Beginners

- SU readers enjoy learning more about SU and other social media

- Hot news- juicy gossip, breaking news, what's happening TODAY

- Photos and pictures

- Cool sites- design that rocks, gadgets, widgets and games

These are very broad, general guidelines. StumbleUpon has a VAST user base of millions, and their interests are diverse and varied. Since you will be appealing to people in your network who anyway share your interests, chances are good that what you find interesting will be attractive to them too.

A bit of data about StumbleUpon visitors:

1.66 pages/visit (average)

46.96% bounce rate

00:01:40 average time on site

What does this mean? The 'bounce rate' is the number of visitors who left the site without exploring beyond the page they arrived at. Typically, for services like Digg, this figure is around 85%. As you see, with StumbleUpon it is 46% - which means about one-half of visitors did click around to explore other pages on my site.

The fact they spent one and a half minutes (on average) is also significant. Chances are many stayed back to read a few more posts.

StumbleUpon visitors are valuable to a website or blog owner. They are more than curiosity seekers flicking from one site to another. Catch their interest and they'll stick around.

The key to it is providing great value - informative or entertaining content, presented in a pleasant, aesthetically appealing style, without clutter or crowding, and minimal or no advertising that's annoying and 'in your face'.

Now here are some other ways to drive more website traffic:

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