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High Rise Residential Projects: Some Thoughts

A country that grows vertically needs more and more high rise buildings. And that's what we're seeing happen across India, with residential properties sprouting up like weeds in a garden.

There is an excess of available units for a home owner to feel spoiled for choice. But this also makes it harder to decide which property or apartment or floor to select.

HI RIZH view: You should consider diverse factors and your own unique requirements and preferences before selecting a high rise apartment that is perfectly customized for you and your family.

We asked a few property buyers about their method of appraising a condo apartment and the answers varied widely.

Veena in Chennai says this:

"I'd prefer an apartment from the first to fifty floor because it's relatively inexpensive as compared to higher floors, and access becomes easy even if there's a power cut or mechanical failure of elevators. My decision is heavily weighted by how many floors I can climb comfortably by stairs."

Anand, a home buyer in Bengaluru, agrees. He says:

"With older members in my family, I must consider ease of access a major deciding factor. It's also easier to move houses because heavy furniture and other bulky items can be shifted without too much effort when we live in a lower floor. Also, the flat itself is cooler in summer and warmer in winter than if it was higher up in a high rise building."

Fire hazards were another variable cited by home buyers when it comes to picking their flat. Horrendous news stories of fire accidents are growing more frequent lately and high rise buildings are not always best designed for safety in higher floors.

It should be apparent that there are no 'right' or 'wrong' options - only options best suited to YOUR own taste, needs and preferences.

View from High Rise building

Radhika, who is hunting for an apartment in Kolkata, has a different take.

"Most home owners who think like me prefer to live higher up in a condo block, because it's much quieter and less polluted than lower floors. The number of people who come up to higher floors will also be less than on the first or second, which means I get more privacy and have a smaller risk of burglary."

Artistic types like Manoj also feel this way.

"I enjoy solitude. It helps me think, write and compose. So my pick of an ideal high rise apartment is 8th floor or above. And I specifically look for the security arrangements made in a complex of residential buildings. It can be scary and disconcerting to have strangers walk into your foyer or hall. So a good security system which only allows legitimate visitors into a high rise is a major factor in my mind while apartment hunting."

So there are widely divergent opinions about what matters more in choosing a high rise apartment. It isn't always a price-based decision. In fact, across a particular city or area, prices are nearly identical for a high rise condo apartment.

The decision usually hinges on other factors which are based on individual preferences. We will be sharing information and advice that will help you figure things out and make more informed choices about your high rise apartment buying or renting.

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