What Is The Best Juicer For Celery Juice

What Is The Best Juicer


What is the best juicer for making celery juice?

Celery juice has become the latest health craze with folks swearing by its many benefits.

There is absolutely nothing that is new here. For thousands of years celery and its juice have been used for its medicinal value by the Chinese. It is highly nutritious vegetable with range of nutrients and anti-oxidants offering multiple health benefits to those who consume.

No wonder people are swearing by it. Those who drink celery juice daily see a huge number of benefits in their overall health and energy levels.

Celery tastes good in both its juice form and also as part of a smoothie. You could increase the nutritional content of the juice by mixing celery juice with other fresh produce. Adding fruits makes it sweeter and if you don't want that you can drink it as part of other vegetable juices.

Drink it every day and experience higher levels of energy and alertness.

How to extract celery juice to retain maximum nutrition?

When juicing celery don't you want to retain maximum nutrition. After all you are go through all the trouble of juicing so has to make the most of its goodness.

The problem with celery is that it is composed of tough and stringy fiber which are very difficult to juice. The stringy fibers get entangled in blades or block the juice outlets.

If using a centrifugal machine or a vertical masticating juicer cut the celery into inch long pieces. A horizontal masticating juicer can handle it better but it might sometimes get entangled in the auger of the juicer.

If the juicer has reverse function use it to untangle the fibers. Else, cut celery into smaller pieces next time.

The best machines to handle celery are the triturating machines with twin-gear assembly. But those machines are complex to operate and assemble. Masticating juicers retain most amount of nutrition due to the slow nature of juicing.

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A blender can also be used to extract celery juice. But the whole process needs lot of preparation and is messy. It will lead to lot of wastage both due to loss of nutrition and due to low juice yields.

Also, the long fiber might get entangled in the blades preventing it from spinning causing the machine to stall. Your best bet is a horizontal masticating juicer with a celery juicing attachment.

Vertical masticating juicers and centrifugal machines face some issues while juicing celery. The long and tough fibers of celery form large balls which block the outlets of the vertical machines and stop the machine from working effectively or completely stop juicing.

To avoid these problems it is best to cut the celery into smaller pieces when juicing using these machines.

What is the best juicer for celery?

If you want the maximum nutrition with minimal loss to oxidation and heating the best bet for juicing celery is a twin-gear juicer also, known as triturating juicer.

But on the downside you will be spending double the money on the juicer. The price of twin-gear triturating juicer is higher compared to any other type of juicer.

Also, assembling them and using them might seem daunting to a newbie juicer. If you are just starting in the world of juicing you might be better off with a less complicated and less pricey juicer that you will actually use.

If you develop a passion for juicing then you could trade up and buy higher end twin-gear machine. Horizontal masticating juicers are a great alternative to triturating juicers as they are less complex to operate and provide great yields and don't compromize on nutrition.

The juice quality is high and juice can be stored in the fridge for 72 hours without loss of taste or nutrition.

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