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Jack Lalanne Juicers


For some time, people have wondered if Jack Lalanne juicers are any good - and we really don't blame them.

The Jack Lalanne brand of juicers dominated the juicer category for a long time with a range of top-notch juicers. Those who grew with these juicers are naturally looking for them.

The Jack Lalanne juicers were great performers offering exceptional juicing abilities for very good prices. The juicers like the man himself were extremely popular. But ever since the death of iconic fitness guru the juicer brand has seen a slow decline.

It even appears as if the company behind the brand has slowly stopped making these juicers. Some of the other juicer makers are offering Jack Lalanne co-branded juicers too. As a result of these changes we no longer find these juicers in the best juicers list.

If you wish to buy a Jack Lalanne juicer, we would not recommend one as there few of them and those are not very popular with the users.

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Are the juicers from Jack Lalanne masticating juicers?

Actually, the Jack Lalanne juicers are not masticating juicers because they don't spin at such low speeds as masticating juicers.

The speed of 3600 rpm is not very high like a centrifugal juicer but it is not very low too. It is sort of in between. But the special design helps these juicers to function without making as much noise and extracting copious amounts of juice.

The Jack Lalanne juicers designed with end user in mind with large feed tubes and pulp bins and collecting jars. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for customers in juicing with low prep times.

On top of all this the juicers were very affordable. After the death of the great man, the brand slowly phased out production and some of the juicers are no longer available. You might be able to pick some older models on eBay and co-branded Jack Lalanne juicer from other companies.

Which is the best among the Jack LaLanne juicers?

That is difficult to answer. In the days when Jack Lalanne juicers ruled the roost there were several great models like the Power Juicer Pro, Power Juicer Deluxe and Power Juicer Express to choose from.

The juicers were designed keeping in mind user's needs. Busy folks leading hectic lives needed juicers that needed very little prep time. So, these juicers had big mouths to take it bigger chunks and whole fruits.

They juiced really fast with their powerful motors. But the spinning was not too rapid to cause heat build-up and loss of nutrition. With the company no longer in active production there are no Jack Lalanne juicer models worth recommending.

Even if you manage to locate a few models be aware that after sales support may not be available. There are other excellent juicers from other brands which have taken over where Jack Lalanne juicer left off.

That brings us to the question...

Which is the best juicer to buy?

Today several reputed brands have taken up where Jack Lalanne left off. Manufacturers like Breville, Omega, Hurom Hu, Kuvings, Mueller Austria, Aicok, Cuisinart and many others make excellent juicers.

There are centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers and more advanced juicers.

  • If you want the best of the lot there's Tribest Greenstar juicer.
  • If you need a fast juicing with simplicity of operation go for Breville's range of juicers.
  • If you want a masticating juicer go for Omega or Tribest.
  • If you need a cost-effective juicer, the Hamilton juicers are a good bet.

Pick a juicer that best meets your needs.

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