Best Juicer Under 100 : How Does Juicing Benefit You?

Best Juicer Under 100


Everybody agrees that fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, greens are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

These nutrient-rich food sources help keep our bodies healthy by helping us lose weight, improve heart health, cut down the risk of diseases related to heart and also cancer.

In the food pyramid which shows how our daily food intake should be the bottom most part - the broadest part of the pyramid shows fruits, vegetables and greens. Given our modern fast-paced lifestyles it is also possible that we are not consuming as much of the fresh produce as we should.

A solution in the form of fresh juice as taken over as the next best thing in the world of health eating. Juicing industry has taken off in a big way because more people are drinking juices to compensate for the lack of vegetables and fruits in their daily diet.

You can't eat a whole lot of vegetables probably but you can definitely drinks a glass or two of fresh juice.

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Drinking juice of fresh fruits, vegetables and greens in different combinations and varieties has become part of daily life for thousands of families.

Most families lead very busy lives with school and after school activities, work commitments, family commitments and more. There is barely time to put together a meal let alone balance it with the right mix of carbs, proteins and fats.

Juicing is easy and convenient way to get all the required nutrients in concentrated and easy to consume form. Even those who baulk at the idea of their vegetables are less likely to protest drinking them in juice form.

While juicing is not the best way to eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, it is generally agreed that it is easiest way to consume it.

Yes, fiber is lost and so is some of the nutrition. But when you contrast that against getting Junior to eat his peas or beets, it is easy choice to make for busy parents.

How did juicing take off is such a big way?

Juice detoxes and cleanses started off the trend where people drink only juices for 3 days to several weeks claiming to cleanse their systems with healthy and freshly made drinks. The folks who follow these programs believe that their body is rid of harmful toxins and healed by drinking fresh juices.

While there is no clear data or studies to prove this, it is very popular because people who follow these detoxes and cleanses feel a difference in their daily lives. While juicing is an easy way to get more nutrition into the system it should be the only way to get it.

Try to consume whole fruits and vegetables in addition to juices to get the right mix and maximum benefit from juicing. Your body also needs the fiber from fresh produce for better digestion and best absorption of nutrients.

So, while drinking juices is good, eating the fruits and vegetables whole is also important.

It is best to consider juices as supplemental nutrition. That is you should be eating good mix of fresh and whole foods in the form of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, nuts and seeds.

But since our modern way of living means our fresh produce travels long distances before reaching our table and the processing the food undergoes also removes some of the nutrition it is better to supplement our diet with juices rich in minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

That way we will get optimum amounts of nutrition. This in turn will help boost our immunity and help improve overall health.

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