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How To Choose The Right Floor In a High Rise Building?

There's confusion galore about the choice of floor in high rise buildings. Should you pick a lower floor with greater convenience of access, lesser price and better socialization? Or are you better off on a higher floor where it's brighter, cleaner and more secure?

Here are the factors to consider before making your decision:

1. View: Higher floors give a better view, if your building is located in a scenic location.

2. Rent: Lower floor apartments typically rent for higher rates than those at the top of a high rise building.

3. Privacy: The more you value your private space and dislike disturbance, the higher the floor you should pick.

4. Noise: The level of your apartment doesn't always reflect noise levels. Some lower floor apartments can be quiet, too.

5. Electricity Consumed: Higher floors will require heating and cooling units to run longer, thereby consuming more power.

HI RIZH considers the view, rental value, privacy, noise and power savings important factors in guiding your choice of high rise apartment.

6. Security: Lower floor apartments are at higher risk simply because it's easier for thieves to gain access to your home.

7. Residents Age: If people who'll live in your apartment have specific needs (elderly, very young, physical disabilities, etc.), lower floors are better.

8. Light and Aeration: Higher floors of a high rise are usually better lit and ventilated because of the lack of obstructing structures around.

9. Contamination: If dirty water, sewage and garbage pollutes the air and ground around high rise buildings, lower floor apartments feel the pinch.

For some home owners, security, cleanliness and convenient access may be over-riding variables in guiding your decision to rent or buy a high rise apartment.

These are just few of many factors to consider before you rent or purchase a high rise building apartment. And you'll learn all you need to know before making a buying decision right here on HIRIZH.name

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