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Gums may be sore and hypersensitive when there has been an infection or injury of some kind. Without any treatment, this will lead to receding gums over time. In these cases, the gum which is normally attached closely to the base of your teeth will begin to separate from them.

The close adhesion of gums to the base of teeth forms a seal that keeps germs and food particles away from the sensitive roots of teeth. The gum also provides a certain degree of strength and firmness to hold the teeth in palce.

When the gum is healthy, it appears soft and pink. It doesn't hurt when you press down on it, or brush close to it. When the gum becomes infected, the condition is called gingivitis. It could be caused by bacteria or other germs that gather in the crevices between teeth. Other causes are ulcers and damage to the surface of gums.

Dental plaque is a complication of gingivitis and is made worse by gum infections. The sticky material accumulates in places that are infected, and will in turn lead to damage to your teeth.

Periodontal conditions which affect the jaw, gums and parts near the teeth can become worse by the accumulation of dental plaque. In addition, gums begin to hurt and feel sore, especially when touched or brushed. People who suffer gingivitis find it painful and uncomfortable to brush effectively.

This is the reason why gum infections must be treated promptly. Another helpful aid is to use an electric toothbrush for receding gums that will be gentle on sore gums and sensitive teeth. Untreated gum infections can progress to more serious conditions that lead to worsening of dental hygiene and eventual loss of teeth.

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Having the right electric toothbrush for receding gums is a vital step in combating the problem.

So, now that you know why identifying the right electric toothbrush for receding gums and sensitive teeth is so important.

Gum recession may be the result of poor dental hygiene. It can also happen after injury, some genetic disorders, and even teeth grinding or buxism. Abnormally aligned teeth, or even the improper use of an electric toothbrush could injure your teeth and gums.

Using an electric toothbrush for receding gums can not only be more comfortable, but also effective at getting rid of dental plaque. Food particles that are lodged in hard to reach crevices between teeth can be removed by brushing with an electric toothbrush.

Studies have found that using the right electric toothbrush for receding teeth can help reduce plaque by 21%. This is a big deal.

The higher cost of an electric toothbrush is often cited as a major drawback. On the other hand, choosing the right electric toothbrush for receding gums ensures that you'll avoid gum recession, infection and progression.

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